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Logging in:

It is very important to stay logged in to Study-Quest so that your progress is recorded and your Teacher can see your activity. If you change device or use a different device at school it is very important to log into Study-Quest again so that your data is collected and you have access to all the lessons.

Logging into your Class

Your teacher will send a link to register you into a classroom. You will login with a Google or Microsoft account and then register to the class. If you stay logged in on the same device all your progress and results will be tracked for you and shared privately only with your teacher. If you log out or use another device without logging in to Study-Quest your data will not be recorded.

About Assessment for Learning:

Assessment for learning with well-designed feedback has been proven to create a strong learning experience and improve results.

You can use Study-Quest as an open user or you can login with a Google or Microsoft account to track your progress.

If your teacher has set up your classroom you can login and use the URL or the Pin Code provided by your teacher to join your class to have your progress or homework assignments recorded.