DALDIS is a European Commission supported Erasmus+ project comprising 8 partners addressing open access e-assessment for learning through the application and dissemination of innovative assessment for learning techniques which are established in different curriculum contexts and then tested in schools in 6 European countries.

Innovative data analysis processes will be applied to support learners and teachers, and to evaluate the most effective questioning and learning models. The project, based on Study Quest technology (www.study-quest.com), will drive student learning progression using well designed question sets and student feedback to help the student build their knowledge and understanding and support the investigation of key curriculum concepts. The key objective is to evaluate assessment for learning (AFL) informed by feedback using digital technology in 6 countries with a focus on Science teaching and learning (Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Earth Science), and modern foreign languages (through the teaching of English and French) in years 5 through 9.

Visit www.DALDIS.eu for more information